Liposomal Encapsulated Technology:

The core of the liposomal encapsulation technology [LET] comes down to liposomes, so what exactly are these liposomes? Here is a guide to what liposomes are, how they work and how they made. LET consists of microscopic size healthy fat particles which are made of phospholipids [Non-GMO Organic Sunflower Lecithin], filled with soluble vitamins, minerals or nutritional supplements.

The liposome is a microscopic bubble made from layers of special type of molecules known as phospholipids. It is a membrane that chemically is very similar in structure to the type of membrane that surrounds the cells within our bodies, This membrane contains and protects whatever substance is inside, These liposomes could be filled with vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients. The membrane would hold in, the substance while supplement is ingested and would not release it until it had reached the appropriate tissue in the body.

LET proven works for years, because of the natural phenomenon that it did make life as we know it, possible. Using the high ultrasonic technology, it is the natural behaviour of phospholipids to form tiny bubbles called ‘liposomes’, they automatically be filled with the aqueous solution that they were in, before they are formed. For example, when they treated with with vitamin C solution, they become filled to the brim with vitamin C.

Taking an oral solution containing these encapsulated liposomes of vitamin C they will stay intact      [against the eminent degrading aqueous acidic effect] in the stomach, until they rapidly absorbed through the small intestine & transported into the blood stream, ready for delivery directly to cells that need the vitamin C at the right part of the body.

This made the LET able to directly deliver these various vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients in the most elegant, efficient and convenient oral delivery system that has ever been developed yet, it is much more effective than traditional supplements [tablets or capsules] which are very likely to be oxidized, neutralized or even expelled before it reaches the cells that need it. Without the need to consume any unnecessary fillers, binders, excipients, artificial colouring dyes, artificial sweeteners, capsules making materials or flavourings that are commonly used.

Examples of supplements that can be encapsulated in a liposomal system:

Aminos acids:

  • serine,
  • threonine,
  • asparagine,
  • glutamine,
  • histidine,
  • tyrosine,
  • alanine,
  • cysteine,
  • leucine,
  • isoleucine,
  • methionine,
  • proline,
  • phenylalanine,
  • tryptophane
  • and valine.


  • B1,
  • B2,
  • B3,
  • B5,
  • B6,
  • B9,
  • B12,
  • C,
  • and D

Hyaluronic acid ultramolecular weight, cross linked grade


  • Calcium,
  • copper,
  • magnesium,
  • manganese,
  • selenium
  • and Zinc


  • Acetyl Cysteine,
  • acetyl glutathione,
  • glucosamine.